Ales Catering has been giving catering services since 2014.
Our company give service to more than 50.000 people daily.
We are strict to national and international standards and we know the importance of renewing.


Our mission is to be one of the leading companies in the sector in terms of hygiene, professional service, customer satisfaction, personnel and food safety.


Our vision is to become a brand that is identified with human health and quality and to be the first choice of corporate customers looking for these standards.


To provide food safety,
To increase the competence of our employees by constantly educating them,
To work for continuous improvement and development,
To continue to lead the sector with quality studies,
To provide customer-consumer satisfaction beyond expectations,
Working with team awareness,
To protect the health and safety of our employees without exception,
Protecting the environment to carry it tomorrow,
Being in transparent communication with all our stakeholders,
To contribute to the development of our suppliers,
Striving to fulfill our social responsibility with all our employees.